About Dr. Susan Hamilton

Dr. Susan Hamilton is a retired Naturopathic Doctor and has been inspiring and coaching her clients and students to make healthy life and food choices for over 29 years. She is an engaging speaker and has developed and/or taught courses on nutrition, biochemistry, physiology for Institute NHC in Montreal, Wild Rose College and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Dr Susan is certifisusan-h-06-copy1.pnged in Energy Medicine. She has incorporated the foundational sciences with a visionary model that combines the health of your cells, your quantum energy field with the ancient chakra better understand how our beliefs effect our energy field and influence the organs of our bodies. When we increase the vitality of what we eat, focus on positive thoughts and balance our energy, our lives transform in ways we could never imagine.

Her specialties include a Mind Body approach to healing, vitamin therapy, emotional release techniques, cranio sacral and sound therapy. She utilizes sound frequency, homeopathy and visualization to facilitate quantum shifts that shake people out of feeling stuck in their lives into an opening to ever increasing love and possibility.

She believes these goals should be inspiring and values-based, empowering you to make the right decisions regarding your health. With experience, wisdom, wit, intuition and compassion, Susan inspires openness, vision and the courage to change.
The body has an incredible capacity to heal. Let’s identify and remove the obstacles that keep you from peace of mind and vibrant health. When you reconnect to your authentic self, the obstacles seem to fall away.
When Dr. Susan is not creating art, enjoying the outdoors, performing wedding ceremonies or focusing on her own spiritual practice, she is encouraging others to create healthy, happy lives that truly embody who they are.

Dr. Susan is a retired member of the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta and the Canadian Assoc. of Naturopathic Doctors.


Take a look at @ChopSuzyArt on Instagram for Susan’s latest art offerings.


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