A big Thank you to all of the wonderful souls I have had the honour of working with.

Thank you very much for the beautiful insights – you are a gifted teacher. W. S. April 2019
Thanks so much Susan.   The best thing I have done in a while is contact our EAP and ask to speak to a Naturopath.  Man did I hit the jackpot with you. I am so smart S M
November 2017
I came in to see Dr. Susan because I felt somewhat broken and unsure about how to handle a family situation. I was confused and ungrounded. During the session, she helped me find and release a thick black tar (that’s how I describe it) that had covered my heart in my chest for a very long time. Although there is more work to do, Susan’s modality was very impactful energetically!
When I left, I felt much lighter and could breathe deeply again without constriction in my chest. This lightness has lasted and I have noticed that the underlying feeling of anger and frustration has dissipated. I feel happier and more like who I want to be overall!
I am grateful for your kind and loving nature, your sensitivity, and empathy!
October 2017
When I first came to you, I was too depressed to do anything about my health. I was anxious, couldn’t sleep and things were not going well at work.

I wanted to share updates with you. I have been successful at 4 out of 5 interviews. All 4 companies checking my references! I am overwhelmed, excited and grateful. After my work with you the flood gates to success and personal happiness opened right up changing my world for the better!! The ways in which you have helped me is exponential!

Thank you Susan!!! I have yet to make a decision about which company to work with! It’ll come to me!! Hugs to you. Lynn

Please feel free to share any of my experiences, any at all. I am happy to share with anyone you feel may benefit!

Lynn B Sept 2016