A big Thank you to all of the wonderful souls I have had the honour of working with.

When I feel energetically blocked, emotionally overwhelmed and not clear, it leaves me exhausted. Your treatments make me feel able to live my life in a grounded, peaceful and relaxed way. it is like having an energetic cleanup, a fresh start, a new beginning. It allows me to be more productive and the best healer I can be. Dr. Natalie Jensen
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
“I am grateful I met Susan. I come into her office feeling stuck in judgement, negative energy, afraid and helpless. When I feel this way it is impossible to enjoy my life and I am afraid I will be alone forever.

After her treatment, I leave feeling content and calm. I remember the love I have for myself and life again. It makes me want to participate in life again. When I function in this state of connection, I am easier to be around, I want to be around people and everyone around me is happier. I am more compassionate and generous of spirit.

She provides a solution that no other practitioner can provide, wise counsel, a safe space and amazing support for me to be a better me.” Carrie B
I came into your office tired but wanting to be strong and healthy. I still cannot believe how powerful our session was. I have never felt so many things come together and fall into place. I have room to breathe and time to think and even time to play and laugh. My soul has been refreshed and made ready for the next adventure. Thank you from the depths of my soul. Carol P
Didsbury AB
You always touch my soul and I come away feeling that much richer. You have helped me find my way back to myself. I know the inward path is a constant now in my life. Thank you. The one wish I have for every human being on this earth is that they find a “Susan”. Thank you again.   Laura
Montreal QC