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What do you mean by Treatment?
Treat yourself to a treatment It is an opportunity to take time for you, to relax and allow me to rebalance the chakras of your energy field using sound therapy. This tune up takes you from feeling scattered to feeling like yourself again. Next step is calm down your nervous system and realign your body with Craniosacral therapy. I listen to the story of your present circumstance and focus on the issue that is up at the moment to be addressed. When something is up, it is an opportunity to look at it from a fresh perspective. It is an opportunity to release.
Helping ADD ADHD Kids Thrive in School
It is back to school time.

This can be a joyful time for some kids and a prison sentence for others.  Let's face it, it is a bit of an adjustment to go from the freedom of summer to the structure of school. Sitting at a desk and listening attentively is a skill that not all kids do well at.

Does your child sit at a desk all day but have little or no ability to pay attention? These are a few of the issues that may be interfering with his or her ability to focus:

  • undiagnosed food sensitivities that produce brain fog
  • too much sugar.

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