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Spring Cleaning Your Body

Cleansing the body of accumulated toxins can vary from gentle to very intense. Let’s start with the gentle versions.

During the winter, we tend to eat heavier food to compensate for the cold climate we have to contend with. Cleansing can be as simple as lightening up on your food choices.

Cleansing foods

Four foods to focus on for spring cleaning:

  • Lemon: start your day with hot water and lemon
  • Leafy greens: make salads a part of your daily food choice
  • Fruits: eat fruits of every colour
  • Vegetables: look for anything that.
Are you in a Hormonal Nightmare?? PMS, PCOS, Infertility, Migraines
Discover your hormone profile and plan your rebalancing act. The female monthly cycle is a wondrous thing, right? When the fine balance of hormones works well everything flows so to speak. Many women do not experience that fine balance and wonder what will happen next. They struggle to  cope with the unpredictability of their moods, the pain and body changes. It is like going to a live performance but no one lifted the curtain and you have no idea what your hormonal actors are doing.   Who are the main players in your monthly act?   Image more

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