Celebrate your life
Whencelebrate your life something wonderful happens, we celebrate. A wedding, the birth of a baby, a graduation, a new job, retirement or a home purchase. These are the milestone events but what about the small everyday things?

In our house, we celebrate the small things. Yeah, the vacuuming is done! That is a big deal for someone who does not like to vacuum.

Don’t wait for the big stuff

There is so much that is challenging in life. There seems to be an endless to do list. Begin to notice the small wins and.
Worthiness, What does it mean to be worthy?
In my personal life and private ND practice, I see so many people struggling with feeling unworthy. At first I thought it was because women had been seen as property for hundreds of years. The main purpose of their existence was to feed and breed. And let's not forget about keeping house. That may be part of it but not all. It seemed that the more unworthiness I released, the more there was to release!

When I go into nature, I bring questions, important questions, and walk. Sometimes the answers come quickly, sometimes they sneak up on me slowly and require further.