Are you in a Hormonal Nightmare?? PMS, PCOS, Infertility, Migraines
Discover your hormone profile and plan your rebalancing act. The female monthly cycle is a wondrous thing, right? When the fine balance of hormones works well everything flows so to speak. Many women do not experience that fine balance and wonder what will happen next. They struggle to  cope with the unpredictability of their moods, the pain and body changes. It is like going to a live performance but no one lifted the curtain and you have no idea what your hormonal actors are doing.   Who are the main players in your monthly act?   Image Estrogen:  The main function is the growth of everything female, the breasts, fat stores, uterine lining muscle mass and sex drive. This gives women their curves and plumps up the uterus preparing for a fertilized egg. Too much estrogen can interfere with thyroid function and that leads to a whole other set of issues. Too little estrogen and you are at risk for early menopause. Progesterone:  Once you ovulate, the corpus luteum ripens producing progesterone and this prepares the uterus to receive the fertilized egg for implantation. If ovulation does not happen, no progesterone is produced, estrogen dominates the cycle. Excess estrogen makes women gain weight at the hips, it increases breast tenderness, anxiety, fluid retention and fibrocystic breasts. Testosterone:  Increased levels can be seen in cases of PCOS   Saliva Hormone Testing With a month long monitoring of your hormones you can get up close and personal with the actors, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone (yes, women have it too). When this team is working well together, everything flows smoothly. When one of them dominates, look out, the other may go into hiding and everyone can feel the tension. It is a delicate balance and when you know who to support and who needs to be reigned in, you can lift the curtain and witness a brilliant performance. Get your profile, find out what your hormone actors are up to and get your sexy back.    

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