Helping ADD ADHD Kids Thrive in School
It is back to school time.

This can be a joyful time for some kids and a prison sentence for others.  Let’s face it, it is a bit of an adjustment to go from the freedom of summer to the structure of school. Sitting at a desk and listening attentively is a skill that not all kids do well at.

Does your child sit at a desk all day but have little or no ability to pay attention? These are a few of the issues that may be interfering with his or her ability to focus:

  • undiagnosed food sensitivities that produce brain fog
  • too much sugar in the diet leading to hyper activity
  • underlying emotional issues that can be distracting
  • lack of restful sleep
If your child struggles with school, there is a way to clear away some of the obstacles to learning. First we have to discover what they are. The Reba device is the latest in Swiss Technology to find and treat the issues behind the behaviour.

  • Find the root of the behavioural imbalance
  • Identify food sensitivities
  • Gentle, noninvasive testing and treatment
Covered by your extended health insurance

Dr. Hamilton is one of only 60 professionals in all of North America certified by Dr. Reimar Banis MD as a Reba Practitioner.

Testimonial: “My son’s teacher suggested he needed Ritalin for his behaviour. We had Dr Hamilton test him with the Reba device and treat him with the drops. Two months later his teacher told me the Ritalin was working. What Ritalin? We had only given him the homeopathic drops!”

      C O, Calgary  

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