Worthiness, What does it mean to be worthy?
In my personal life and private ND practice, I see so many people struggling with feeling unworthy. At first I thought it was because women had been seen as property for hundreds of years. The main purpose of their existence was to feed and breed. And let's not forget about keeping house. That may be part of it but not all. It seemed that the more unworthiness I released, the more there was to release!

When I go into nature, I bring questions, important questions, and walk. Sometimes the answers come quickly, sometimes they sneak up on me slowly and require further.

Ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness

This practice could be the start of something radical, something so radical that it could shift the foundation of everything you were taught. A shift from criticism and competition to love and forgiveness.

Make that shift within yourself and watch your world shift into a more compassionate place. Find peace within you and see it reflected all around you.

In the act of forgiving yourself for all the large and small human frailties, you create space within yourself to allow others to be human too. When you.