What do you mean by Treatment?
Treat yourself to a treatment It is an opportunity to take time for you, to relax and allow me to rebalance the chakras of your energy field using sound therapy. This tune up takes you from feeling scattered to feeling like yourself again. Next step is calm down your nervous system and realign your body with Craniosacral therapy. I listen to the story of your present circumstance and focus on the issue that is up at the moment to be addressed. When something is up, it is an opportunity to look at it from a fresh perspective. It is an opportunity to release the hurt and suffering from the old story. You get to choose to love and learn from it or hold onto the suffering from the past. Choosing love is always for your highest and best good. In this process, there is an opportunity to connect to the hurt younger part of you so you can integrate that part into present day instead of leaving the younger you stuck and alone in the pain of the past. This powerful integration frees up a lot of energy that was locked in your body. This memory may have been locked up for years and was the reason for back pain or belly ache. Spontaneous healings have occurred when the pain of the past is released and the younger aspect of yourself integrated into present time. The next step is to allow the pure sound of the tuning forks to bring harmonic resonance into the chakras. We know how sound in the form of music can change our mood. Listening to a piece of beautiful music can be transcendent. The tuning forks are tuned to the frequency of the chakras. This allows the body and energy field to return to a balanced peaceful frequency. Sometimes an issue stuck in a chakra shows up clearly to be released allowing balance to return to that energy center. When the chakras are balanced, the next step is to calm down your nervous system and realign your body with Craniosacral therapy. This gentle and relaxing therapy often leaves people snoring on the table. The nervous system returns to a peaceful state and the body deeply relaxes. What is the benefit? I will have to quote my clients on the benefits they receive.
“I come into Dr. Susan’s office feeling stuck in judgement, negative energy, afraid and helpless. When I feel this way it is impossible to enjoy my life and I am afraid I will be alone forever. After her treatment, I leave feeling content and calm. I remember the love I have for myself and life again.” Carrie “When I feel energetically blocked, emotionally overwhelmed and not clear, it leaves me exhausted. Your treatments make me feel able to live my life in a grounded, peaceful and relaxed way. It is like having an energetic cleanup, a fresh start, a new beginning. It allows me to be more productive and the best healer I can be.” Natalie
How do I know if I need a treatment? People come in for various reasons. Pain is a great motivator for people to get help. Pain can come in many forms.
  • Physical pain from falls, accidents or headaches
  • Emotional pain from stressful events in life
  • Spiritual angst from being in a place where your old life no longer makes sense but the insight into the new life has not yet appeared
  • Grief or loss
  • One client says she knows it is time to come in when she “feels like crap”
  • Feeling stuck in your life
Transform your life by integrating your past and re-balancing your energy. It is hard to get to peaceful and calm if you have never been there before. Allow me to guide you to that peaceful place in yourself.

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