Worthiness, What does it mean to be worthy?
In my personal life and private ND practice, I see so many people struggling with feeling unworthy. At first I thought it was because women had been seen as property for hundreds of years. The main purpose of their existence was to feed and breed. And let’s not forget about keeping house. That may be part of it but not all. It seemed that the more unworthiness I released, the more there was to release!

When I go into nature, I bring questions, important questions, and walk. Sometimes the answers come quickly, sometimes they sneak up on me slowly and require further refinement of the question so the answers lead me in a positive direction.

This was a great quandary to bring into the forest. By looking at the problem you only get more information about the problem, what if I looked for the solution, the way out? Maybe focus was the issue? I understand that you get the answer for the question you ask, just make sure you ask a question that leads to an empowering solution.

When I focused on the reason for bottomless worthiness issues, it was like I was chasing my tail around in circles, I just got more and more information about unworthiness. Stop spinning in circles! Ask a new question. What is the opposite to worthiness?


What is Worth?

This question brought panic into my being. Stay small, don’t stand out, keep quiet, don’t ask for much, etc. You get the picture. A very aggressive push to keep my light hidden. Do not, under any circumstances, shine brightly. Above all stay hidden so you can stay safe! Wow. That leads into a whole other story about being killed for my skills and beliefs in another time and space.

That was not the answer to my question. It was resistance, fear.

“What is worth?”, I asked again to no tree in particular. I kept walking and in a clearing, corny but true, this thought slowly crept into my mind like the sunlight shining through the trees.

What if, when the soul incarnates, it has something specific in mind to experience during this lifetime. If your soul came here to experience something and you had let duty, obligation or in my case, fear of shining, override this desire, would that result in feeling a lack of worth?

Could this separation of our current path in life from our heart’s desire bring on illness of the physical body, psyche or spirit. Does living a life that is off track lead to such suffering that we lose energy, hope and our health? Heady questions.

Maybe the whole search for life purpose is right on the money. Maybe we experience our sense worth, come fully alive and light up when we are in line with our purpose. We are living what we value and are expressing that in the world.

This search for meaning leads me to ask a lot of questions of the people I am privileged to work with. The feelings of anxiety, sadness or lack of energy they express cannot be fixed with a simple prescription for a vitamin or antidepressant.

There is a feeling I get in my office when I am invited into witness the private pain of someone’s life. It is sacred space and in that space we invite in new possibilities. When the light enters, tears often flow, hearts open and hope emerges. It is a blessed open hearted space that reminds me of our human condition and how we all struggle with the same issues. All we want is love and respect. Magic happens when we choose to provide that love and respect for ourselves to ourselves. Choose love, choose to close the gap and tap into the heart’s desire. Maybe a sense of worth blooms like a flower when we shine attention on our heart’s desire.

IMG_1325For each of us there are endless possibilities to express our light. Sometimes we think it has to be something grand and sometimes it is the simplicity of a well baked cake.

Follow the path of joy. It is the most direct route to the heart.

Much love


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