Body Tuning Treatment

This gentle and relaxing therapy balances the chakras with sound therapy, then restores the cranial rhythms and calms the nervous system with cranio sacral therapy. This allows the body to return to a balanced, peaceful state of deep relaxation. Experiencing this state gives the body a new set point. It is in this state that new insights and decisions can be made allowing for deep healing.
How do I know if a treatment is right for me?
Pain is the thing that motivates clients to schedule treatments and pain can come in many forms:
  • Physical pain from falls, accidents or headaches
  • Emotional pain from stressful events in life
  • Spiritual angst when your old life no longer makes sense and the new inspiration for the next step has not yet appeared
  • Grief or loss
  • Feeling stuck in your life
Transform your life by integrating your past and re-balancing your energy. It is hard to get to peaceful and calm if you have never been there before. Allow me to guide you to that peaceful place in yourself.

What my clients say after their treatments?

I am grateful I met Susan. I come into her office feeling stuck in judgement, negative energy, afraid and helpless. When I feel this way it is impossible to enjoy my life and I am afraid I will be alone forever. After her treatment, I leave feeling content and calm. I remember the love I have for myself and life again. It makes me want to participate in life again. When I function in this state of connection, I am easier to be around, I want to be around people and everyone around me is happier. I am more compassionate and generous of spirit. She provides a solution that no other practitioner can provide, wise counsel, a safe space and amazing support for me to be a better me. Carrie
You help remind me of who I am and when you remind me, I feel better. Our sessions help me undo the mind traps, with your help I have learned to do it on a ongoing basis and can now help myself. Claire
When I feel energetically blocked, emotionally overwhelmed and not clear, it leaves me exhausted. Your treatments make me feel able to live my life in a grounded, peaceful and relaxed way. it is like having an energetic cleanup, a fresh start, a new beginning. It allows me to be more productive and the best healer I can be. Natalie