Digestive Health

I believe true healing is in the hands of each individual. My role is to provide a safe, supportive environment, while teaching you simple “tools” for continued self-care. Consultations include a blend of personalized nutrition therapy, muscle testing, lifestyle support, and heart-centered practices. Recommendations are tailored to your own personal lifestyle, physiology and needs, with an emphasis on eating mindfully, trusting your natural instincts, and learning to receive the most nourishment from food and from life. Your digestive system is the interface between your inside environment and the outside environment. It is not only what your put in that makes a difference but how you are reacting to your world. Your nervous system can shut down the digestive system when you are under stress. It is not only what you are eating but what is eating you? Herbal and homeopathic programs are tailored to meet your specific needs and health focus. There are times to build up the system and times to cleanse an overburdened body. Allow yourself to be guided by a professional to focus on the body one priority at a time.