I came in to see Dr. Susan because I felt somewhat broken and unsure about how to handle a family situation. I was confused and ungrounded. During the session, she helped me find and release a thick black tar (that’s how I describe it) that had covered my heart in my chest for a very long time. Although there is more work to do, Susan’s modality was very impactful energetically!
When I left, I felt much lighter and could breathe deeply again without constriction in my chest. This lightness has lasted and I have noticed that the underlying feeling of anger and frustration has dissipated. I feel happier and more like who I want to be overall!
I am grateful for your kind and loving nature, your sensitivity, and empathy!
Respectfully, Neil
October 2017
For the past few years my son has been exhibiting depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation.  We have sought help though counsellors and psychologists only to find little to no change in my sons mental state. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Susan Hamilton and what positive changes her son exhibited after seeing her.I called the very next day to make an appointment (at this point I had nothing to lose). Our 1st meeting with Dr. Hamilton was fantastic and very positive! After the appointment my son commented that he has seen so many Doctors lately but he only likes Dr. Hamilton and wanted to continue to see her for help. She related to my son, really got on his level – which is something none of the other professional have been able to do with him.In our first session with Dr. Hamilton, she knew and understood all of his core issues. She did her tests and we walked out with what I like to call “miracle drops”It has been 3 months now and my son is doing awesome!  With-in a few weeks of our 1st meeting with Dr. Hamilton I started to notice some subtle difference in my sons demeanor and attitude. He doesn’t seem to get all worked up over the little things in life, it’s as if his anxiety has been melting away, he seems happier, he actually has a positive outlook on life, there hasn’t been any talk or thoughts of suicide. My son now smiles and laughs on a daily basis and he’s more optimistic about having a “good” day. Making that 1st appointment with Dr. Hamilton has been our families blessing.  Tara O. March 10, 2015compass_tattoo_by_silverwingsbutterfly-d65wyy9
“I am grateful I met Dr. Susan. I come into her office feeling stuck in judgement, negative energy, afraid and helpless. When I feel this way it is impossible to enjoy my life and I am afraid I will be alone forever. 
After her treatment, I leave feeling content and calm. I remember the love I have for myself and life again. It makes me want to participate in life again. When I function in this state of connection, I am easier to be around, I want to be around people and everyone around me is happier. I am more compassionate and generous of spirit.
She provides a solution that no other practitioner can provide, wise counsel, a safe space and amazing support for me to be a better me.” Carrie
When I feel energetically blocked, emotionally overwhelmed and not clear, it leaves me exhausted. Your treatments make me feel able to live my life in a grounded, peaceful and relaxed way. It is like having an energetic cleanup, a fresh start, a new beginning. It allows me to be more productive and the best healer I can be. Natalie compass_tattoo_by_silverwingsbutterfly-d65wyy9 I felt like crap. Loss of control, sense of loss, confused, lack of clarity and trust. This made it difficult for me to focus at work and manage my emotions. You told me to get on your table only then did I recognize that I was in shock and trauma. Your treatment brought me to a sense of calm right away. In the year since that fateful day, I am much more capable of moving forward and am coming to a place of acceptance. I knew in my mind about non resistance, acceptance, expansive love, trust and faith but know I really understand. I am way happier, more confident and have regained trust in myself and my intuition. There is more love for myself, from others and for others. This was a soul journey to find myself after loss of trust and faith. Lori compass_tattoo_by_silverwingsbutterfly-d65wyy9 Words cannot express enough my gratitude for the part you have played in my healing journey. I could not have travelled this pathway without the belief and encouragement of many people! Thank you for putting the physical wellness piece into the equation. I will be forever grateful as I embark on my new life.  Ellen compass_tattoo_by_silverwingsbutterfly-d65wyy9 I am impressed at the powerfulness of the exercise we went through. I had read and heard about “getting in touch with your inner child”, but wow. I feel like you have re-united me with my long-lost self…. It is a miracle. I truly thank you.  Didi compass_tattoo_by_silverwingsbutterfly-d65wyy9 You always touch my soul and I come away feeling that much richer. You have helped me find my way back to myself. I know the inward path is a constant now in my life. Thank you. The one wish I have for every human being on this earth is that they find a “Susan”. Thank you again.  Laura Thank you for working with my heart. You are a gift. Heart to heart  Adrienne Thank you for the warm embrace. Thank you for your skills. Thank you for your generosity. The work we did was very powerful and significant.   Rhonda We honour the work you do. Stay true.  Allan I would like to thank you for helping me find out who I am and how special I became to me (1) my husband (2) and my children (3), the most important people in my life.  Rolande You help remind me of who I am and when you remind me, I feel better. Our sessions help me undo the mind traps, with your help I have learned to do it on a ongoing basis and can now help myself. Claire